The various facilities of the Yelken Yacht Club promises uninterrupted entertainment and sports at pleasant spaces that will meet all your needs.

Expect a limitless excitement with easy to access services for sails and yachts, outdoor sports areas and motor water sports opportunities. 16 different food and drink areas that you can enjoy when you take a break from exercise, special areas for all age groups for both relaxing and entertainment render the Club a complex wellness center. 

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Beach Activities

Yelken Yacht Club offers a unique vacation experience below the sea level on the coast of the Caspian Sea, the world's largest lake, under the warming sun, and with its 1 km long private beach. You will find yourself in an environment where you will feel privileged with the refreshments provided throughout the day, towel, parasol, beach chair and mattress services. Transportation is provided with golf carts and bicycles at the facility where you can blow off steam doing beach yoga, or you can enjoy your time with your loved ones playing beach volleyball, take a trip by renting a canoe or tandem. 


The first private marina in Turkmenistan, the Club provides services with a capacity of 40 yachts. Maintenance services are provided with modern equipment and quality service. A team of 24 people serves at the marina where 2013 model Beneteau boats are used. 

  • Mobile Crane, Boatyard
  • 24 Hour Mooring
  • Waste Water – Bilge Discharge
  • Charterring
  • Anchoring at Sea
  • Fuel Services
  • Security
  • Sailing Training
  • Technical Services
  • Wireless Internet

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Motor Water Sports

Water sports center serves to children, youngesters, families and those who want to have different excitements throughout the summer. Located on a large area, center serves with latest equipment.

  • Jetski Renting
  • Single or Tandem Parasailing Renting
  • Water Ski and Waterboard Renting & Training
  • Banana (8 person), Ringos, Flyfish, Sonar Renting
  • Boat Tours

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Sailing School

With the mission of training successful sportsmen of the future, the Sailing School provides training throughout the year to groups of children with ages from 8 to 14, and from 14 to 17, with fees that start from 900 dollars. 

  • Private Classes
  • Group Classes
  • Week long or weekend camp organisations
  • Fun Regatta
  • Team Racing

Windsurf School

With the mission of training successful sportsmen of the future, the Windsurf School provides training in 6 different languages with a team of 10 people throughout the summer season. Participants will be able to get basic information as a first step to windsurfing or attend advanced classes at fees that start from 900 dollars.

  • Windsurf Eğitimi (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  • Windsurf Equipment Renting (At all levels)
  • Windsurf Events (Races, parties, windsurf league)
  • Windsurf Summer Camps
  • VDWS Advanced Training
  • Freestyle Training
  • Private Lessons at all levels

Windsurf Renting

Windsurf enthusiast can rent windsurf equipments including Starboard or Severne brand boards at the facility. You can place a renting request by calling +993 122 359 51 or emailing 

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Other Facilities

Yelken Yacht Club promises uninterrupted entertainment and sports at pleasant spaces that meet all your needs. The facilities at the hotel are: 

  • Landscaped Walking Track and Bike Lane around the Artificial Lakes
  • 2 Artificial Lakes of 4,000 m2 and 4,400 m2
  • Football Pitch
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Fitness Center

Yelken Yaht Kluby Sailing Program

This is a three-day program for kids camp in Yelken Yaht Kluby.

At the end of the training the members of the camp will be aware of the elements and equipment of a sailing yacht and will be able to do basic maneuvers with boat on sails.

They will get acquainted with sailing and the sea culture. Our qualified instructors will take care of the kids, their marine education and love for the sea.

The price for Awaza Sailing Course is 300$ for 3 days, that includes accommodation, sailing training, instructors and equipment.