Yelken Yacht Club provides transfer service to its guests. You can enter in the hotel in 20 minutes after your exit from airport. Yelken Yacht Club is located 20 km away to Turkmenbashi city center, and 25 km away to Turkmenbashi Airport. Please you may place your transfer request at least 24 hours prior than requested date & time.

For your transfer request, please call us on +993 243 703 71-72-73-74 or contact us by email;

Distance 578 KM
Average Flight Duration 1 Hour
Direct Flying Airport Turkmenistan Airlines
Road Average Time of Arrival 7 Hour 28 Minutes
Hotel - Türkmenbaşi (Town Center) 20 KM
Aşkabat - Türkmenbaşi 578 KM

Airport Information

Aşkabat main Building Turkmenbashi Airport
Ashkhabad Airport, Petrozavodskaya Street, 744000
Ashkhabad Turkmenistan
+993 1 225-60-64
Turkmenbashi Airport
Turkmenbashi, Türkmenistan

Turkmensitan Touristic Visa Requirements

  • You need a passport that is valid for 6 months after your date of return from Turkmenistan with empty pages for the visa. (The passport is required to have the signature of the owner of the passport, and it should not be worn out or torn.)
  • 2 Turkmenistan Visa Application forms that are filled legibly and completely, signed by the applicant.
  • The original or the photocopy of the invitation that is sent by the legal institution or persons that conform with the agreement rules on the Consular Services of the State of Turkmenistan.
  • The passenger is required to provide a notarized power of attorney to the person who is going to apply for a visa at the consulate on his/her behalf.
  • 2 passport photos with a white background, taken in the last 6 months (sized 3X4).
  1. 01Main Building
  2. 02Lalezar Rooms
  3. 03Lalezar Rooms
  4. 04Galkynyş Villas
  5. 05Bagtyyarlyk Villas
  6. 06Asuda Villas
  7. 07Outdoor pool
  8. 08Artificial lake
  9. 09Sport areas
  10. 10Deniz Merjeni A La Carte Restaurant
  1. 11Hazar Disco
  2. 12Artificial lake
  3. 13Main entrance
  4. 14Yelken Kids Camp
  5. 15 Kinder Garden
  6. 16Carpark
  7. 17Staff residences
  8. 18Changing rooms and shower
  9. 19Marine
  10. 20Wave Braker
  1. 22Yelken Club
  2. 23Windsurf Club
  3. 24Lojja
  4. 25Administration Building
  5. 26Sales office
  6. 27Board Area
  7. 28Kids pool
  8. 29Electricty panels

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