Enter the Heaven of Pleasures at the Yelken Spa Center

Yelken Spa Center provides facial and body care where you will enjoy the pleasures of heaven benefiting from its excellent services. 


Spa Properties
  • Separate shower room three procedures
  • Fitness center
  • Male and female Finnish sauna for guests
  • Hot tub
  • Turkish Bath
  • Steam Rooms


Body Care

Algae Lifting Body Wrap

Your skin becomes smooth and healthy. The alga contains iodine, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, silicon and other materials that your body needs to stay healthy. The wrap’s composition resembles seawater serum which helps to improve the metabolism. (60 minutes)

Honey Wrap

Honey wrap is the most powerful wrap due to its natural composition. Honey contains vitamins - A,C, D, E, anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other useful substances needed for a healthy body and skin.(30 minutes)

Yelken Massages:

Hot Stone Massage gives new unusual sensations, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Hot stones are put on certain points on the body to provide deep muscle relaxation. Our massage therapists can combine this massage with a classic massage stone therapy.(60 minutes)

Swedish Massage - truly able to "make" the human body get rid of the feeling of drowsiness, apathy, or lethargy and a give burst of cheerfulness and energy. We advise you to try this massage if you often feel the inability to concentrate, you have difficulty in waking up in the morning and you feel that your work performance has decreased. (60 minutes)

Relax Massage a combination of Swedish and Balinese massage techniques, as well as Chinese acupressure. Essential Oils help improve tone, relieve stress and get rid of stress and fatigue. (40 minutes)

Body Scrub Massage helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells. To achieve excellent results, we recommend taking a course of 12 sessions. Skin with problem areas will become more smooth and elastic and your silhouette more fit.(40 minutes)

Hammam Body Scrub

Sport Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Head Massage

Leg Massage

Arden Masks

Face mask, neck mask, under eye mask, full eye mask, lip mask, around lip mask, nose mask, breast care mask

Cosmetology Services

Our room of cosmetology offers you a wide range of rejuvenating, health and cleaning procedures performed at a high professional level, using the most modern equipment and special cosmetics. Our Professional Cosmetologist of the Spa will pick an individual program according to your type of skin.

• Face Massage
• Face Mask

Our goal is to provide you with High Quality Cosmetics services. We wish that your every visit to YELKEN SPA becomes an enjoyable event for you. Men who are already taking good care of their appearance or would like to start now are more than welcome to also enjoy the services of our Cosmetologist.